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Hanging Trees


Our mentoring program serves two wonderful purposes.
1.) Our amazing mentors are both typical individuals and individuals with special needs. There is a great need for employing neuro-diverse individuals. Red Oaks Treehouse believes that no matter what age, individuals with similar struggles tend to relate well to each other. Relating is the foundation of relationship. For example, a child struggling with aggression may be able to get advice from an adult who used to struggle with aggression. Our mentoring program is designed to not only help people who need advice and strategies to cope with big emotions but it also builds the confidence of our mentors. Having a purpose has no price!
2.) During these sessions the participant can expect to have companionship as well as a listening ear to speak to. Our mentors give christian based advice as well as enriching discussions and lessons. Depending on the individuals age sometimes we will play educational games, read books, discuss strategies we can use in rough times, and anything the participant wants to talk about.
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