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A Christian environment where differences are celebrated

Weekly Enrichment, Mentoring, and Learning  Sessions For People of All Abilities

      Red Oaks Treehouse offers enrichment sessions where no activity will be forced because we believe learning should be based on internal motivation. We will always meet the person where he or she is and encourage them to participate. Red Oaks Treehouse wants to nurture the seed of learning. We believe cultivating that seed will yield a crop of lifelong learning skills.
        Emotional needs will always be met with love and understanding, never judgement. We believe if individuals feel safe and accepted there is no limit as to what they can accomplish. During these sessions we will work on developing a relationship with God and how this relationship can help with emotional regulation, social skills, and adaptive skills. We will have an interesting educational lesson each session aligned with crafting, building, or creating something to expand the concept taught. We have a great playground and the children will get free choice time as well. 
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