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Adult Summer Classes

D.I.Y. Mavericks Club

           No need to hunt the internet to spend money on a practical item. Why not make an item you may need out of recycled items? We have it all in one place. Need help to make the most of it? You can choose to either create and keep your items or you can sell it at our Expo and make some money. 

This club meets on Tuesdays from 4pm-6pm. Cost of each DIY class is $5 and the class lasts around 2 hours.

Here are the items we will be creating:

June 1: Re-useble to-do lists

June 8: DIY flower pot

June 15: Bird Feeder

June 22: Upcycled fancy canisters

July 6: Upcycled Crayons

July 13: Teacup pot for plants

July 27: TBD

Mavericks ART Club

          We are so excited to announce our adult ART program and social skills program for the summer of 2021. This group is designed for actually autistics (ages 18 & up). If you are interested in learning art skills and learning more about social skills this is the perfect class for you. This group will be limited to 8 people.

Each class will start with Art and end with group time where we will watch different videos and then discuss whats happening in each and how that applies to real-life. You are welcome to share experiences if you feel comfortable. 

Classes take place on Mondays from 5:00-8:00pm. 

Cost is $40/month (4 classes)

Session 1:

Week 1: Nature 

Week 2: Drawing

Week 3: Food art

Week 4: Water color

Session 2:

Week 5: Pointillism

Week 6: Painting objects

Week 7: Symmetry

Week 8: Collaging

Baking Ingredients
Artist in Workshop
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